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4 Tips for Durable Outdoor Table and Chairs

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Outdoor is one of the parts of your houses that you should pay attention. One of the ways is by choosing outdoor table and chairs. When you are free, you should not always to go to outside to spend the day. You can also enjoy the day at home. However, enjoying the day indoor is surely not a good idea. So, it is very exciting to enjoy your free day at home outdoor. So, you need to design your outdoor as beautiful as possible. Two kinds of furniture that you must have are table and chairs. You cannot choose them carelessly and you have to consider some factors to choose the durable ones.

Choose Weatherproof Furniture

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Before buying the outside table and chairs, you have to make sure that the furniture you choose has durable materials. That is why you have to choose the tables and chairs that are weatherproof. It can be made from plastics, metal, or wood. Plastic will be best choice if the furniture is always exposed by water. Metal will also be good as long as you choose ones that are corroding proof. Then, wood like teak will not weaken for long time. Those materials will be appropriate for outdoor table and chairs.

Choose the Best Materials

Then, you have also to choose the best outdoor table and chair materials. There are many options. For example, if you want to buy the light and strong material, you can consider aluminum. Besides that, you iron can also be a good choice if you consider corrosion proof and strong material. Then, pine can also be your option with soft wood texture and comfortable surface. If you consider wood, teak can be the most durable choice. Other material options of outdoor table and chairs are mahogany, rattan, and plastic.

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Apply Stains, Oils, and Sealers

If you choose wooden material, you have to know outdoor table and chairs maintenance. I suggest you to apply stains, oils, and sealers. Those will make the woods more durable and less porous. Besides that, the woods will also always look attractive. You also need to keep them clean. Every day, you have to clean them from the dust or any other stain. That is important to keep outdoor table and chairs durable.

Apply Anti Rust Care Solution

If you choose outdoor table and chairs with metal materials, you need to know the characteristics of the metal you choose. Aluminum is the simplest metal with easiest maintenance because it is rust proof. However, iron needs anti rust care solution to keep it durable when you clean it.

Different materials have different characteristics. Different materials also have different maintenances. So, choose the materials wisely by considering the price, durability, and maintenance. For example, you need to protect the pillows from UV rays or mildew. Besides that, rattan is also a material with sensitive characteristics so that you need to be careful to care it. That is all about the tips to get the outdoor table and chairs that are durable and make your outdoor look beautiful.

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